Electric Kettles

Electric kettles are used for all kinds of purposes, from cooking to cosmetics. However, an electric kettle is also an excellent option for heating water on demand. This is because it can boil water in a matter of seconds without requiring any power outlets or other external sources- plug it in and set the timer!


1. Time-saving

Electric water kettles help save a lot of time while cooking. Instead of boiling the water, add the element and wait for it to boil. Once boiled, take water from the kettle and start cooking. This is a time-saving feature, which is beneficial in a busy environment. This can be particularly useful in a hurry-up situation. 

2. Safety

Electric kettles are safe enough to use because they have an extra audible or visual safety shutoff switch which prevents them from operating without boiling over.

3. Convenient

Electric kettles are incredibly convenient in that you don’t have to be around them to boil water once it is set to boiling. This saves time and effort, particularly in kitchens where the kettle isn’t the primary energy source for cooking or heating water. The kettle can be easily moved around and set in any convenient place.

4. Easy to use

Using an electric kettle is extremely simple- add water and press the button! Some electric kettles even come with a digital readout so you can track how much time is left for the water to boil. This allows for control over your boiling time and temperature.

5. Eco-friendly

Some people prefer eco-friendly appliances because they take up less energy and cost less to operate, which benefits the environment. This is a massive benefit with electric kettles- you can save money on your energy bills by boiling water in an electric kettle instead of a traditional one. 

6. Cost-effective

Many people prefer electric kettles because they are cost-effective alternatives to other hot water devices such as gas or electricity connections. You can save money by using your kettle to boil water instead of purchasing a water heater, which will cost you more in the long run.

7. Powerful heating element

The electric kettle heats the water by the presence of an electric heating element. This element is located inside the water tank. It heats the water using a small amount of electricity, which is why these kinds of kettles are so much more energy-efficient than other types, such as those that use fire or gas to heat water. 

8. Auto shutoff

The kettle is one appliance that shuts off automatically once it has boiled the water. This safety feature prevents a person from accidentally burning themselves and an average kettle from boiling over. All you need to do is wait for the water to boil, and you can take your tea or coffee from the auto-shutoff switch.


1. Automatic shutoff.

2. Energy efficient.

3. Less maintenance.

4. Cost-effective.

5. Easy to use.

6. Time-saving feature

7. Low cost of operation.


1. It Does not come with temperature control

2. Heating element may become weak over time

3. Not widely used

4. Safety concerns

5. One-liter capacity is not sufficient

Traditional Kettles

Traditional kettles are an alternative to electric kettles. They use a gas stove or fire to boil water, which is why they are commonly referred to as “stove top kettles.” A traditional kettle is a large cooking utensil made from either stainless steel, copper, or iron. They are typically used in homes or restaurants. 


1. Cost-effective

Traditional kettles are cost-effective because they are made from either copper or stainless steel, expensive materials. They are also easy to find in secondhand shops, for sale at low prices.

Traditional kettles save money when it comes to operating, using either gas or electricity. This is not the case with electric kettles, which must be plugged into a power outlet to work.

2. Durable

Traditional kettles are durable enough for any home. They can withstand daily usage and can be used for many years before they wear out. These types of kettles do not contain any electronics that can wear out as electric ones do. Traditional kettles are made from fireproof materials, so you will never have to worry about the kettle bursting into flames when it boils over or catches fire in the event of an electrical short circuit or fire at home.

3. Greater capacity 

Traditional kettles hold more water compare to electric ones. The one-liter capacity of a conventional kettle is more than enough for a person who is boiling water for tea. Since traditional kettles do not have a time-saving feature or an auto-shutoff switch, you may need to pour the water from the kettle manually.

4. Material to be functional

Traditional kettles can last for years since they are made from fireproof materials such as stainless steel, copper, or iron, which are durable and will never wear out. These materials will not catch on fire in the event of a short circuit or fire. Traditional kettles are also made from non-toxic materials, unlike electric ones, containing harmful chemicals that can slowly find their way into the water when heated.

5. Allows for warming water

Traditional kettles are not only used for boiling water; they can be used to warm up your tea or hot cocoa in the winter. This is something that electric kettles cannot do. Traditional kettles are much more suitable for warming or warming up water than an electric kettle would be.

6. Does not need a power supply or cords

Traditional kettles do not require any power supply to operate; they use heat to boil water, which means traditional kettles do not burn electricity while working. This is a more cost-effective, environment-friendly way of cooking. Traditional kettles are not confined to being used indoors. You can take your traditional kettle with you on camping trips or holidays to the beach.

7. Offers a variety of designs and shapes

The traditional kettle offers you various designs, styles, and shapes to choose from; whether it be round or flat bottomed, tall or short, they are all designed for use in the home on the gas stovetop. They are all functional somehow, so you can select the one you find appealing to your taste and preference.


1. It is made of high-quality steel.

2. It is pretty durable.

3. It helps you save money on energy bills by not using electricity.

4. It helps you save time because it is quicker than an electric kettle at boiling water.

5. It is ideal for use in homes and outdoors

6. It has a large capacity and is easy to clean.


1. Narrow opening

2. It may not be easy to pour the boiled water away.

3. The fire would cause fumes that are harmful to your health.

Which One Is Better? Electric Kettle or Traditional Kettle?

Both electric kettles and traditional kettles have some pros and cons. Both have their advantages, but it depends on what you need the kettle for. Traditional Kettles are better for being used on gas stoves; they are very safe to use around kids, pets, and elders. Electric Kettles are helpful if you do not like using wood to start a fire or want your tea or hot cocoa warm at all times.

You can choose whichever is more suitable for your needs, but I suggest that you go with a traditional kettle over an electric one, because they are safer for children and pets.

From Which Materials Are Kettles Made?

Kettles are typically made of metal such as copper, steel, or aluminum. Electronic kettles are made of plastic, rubber, and metal components, with electricity running through them to heat the water faster than traditional kettles. Traditional kettles are made from fireproof materials, so you will never have to worry about the kettle bursting into flames when it boils over or catches fire in the event of an electrical short circuit or fire at home.

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Traditional kettles and electric kettles have their perks. By reading the above article, you can easily decide which one will suit best for your need!